Power to transcend

Use Data Analytics and Financial Engineering services to build a better world.

Our Vision
The Power of transcending
and when the future starts

We build services to enable modern digital experiences powered by Data Analytics, Financial Engineering and AI.

How it started

Alpha9 was created to bring to life a new breed of digital applications based on advanced Data Analytics and Financial Engineering designed to break the status quo.

What we believe in


InfoHomes Launch

Real Estate Analytics and AI like you have never seen before.

How we work
We filter signal
out of noise

We build data and financial digital services through that are beautifully simple to use and understand, and which aim to help society progress.

Scientific Rigor

We have classical engineering and development backgrounds and pride ourselves on upkeeping the highest scientific standards.

Social Ethos

We build technology with a purpose: to advance society to new heights. We focus on technology that can impact the world positively, and embrace an open source philosophy of development.

Pioneering Mindset

We are a forward leaning Lab, interested in breaking the status quo in science, and invested in trialing and developing cutting edge solutions. As such, we are the creators of world-class Web3 and Data Analytics apps at the edge of the state of the art.

We are thinkers, researchers,
developers and curious
A ChatGPT service delivered via Whatsapp. Over 200.000 users worldwide, WhatGPT pioneered multi-modal AI chatbots, and is one of the worlds largest integration between GPT and Whatsapp.
Lightweight application that summarizes long form video content in seconds.
Data Analytics
Real Estate through the lens of Data Analytics. We partnered with Idealista to create a new digital experience to browse the Real Estate market in Spain .
Ntropika Labs
A Web3 research lab. The original developers of Potion, a novel decentralized framework for pricing and liquidity provision for risk applications.
Financial Analytics
A next generation Real Estate market place focused on Nuda propiedad in Spain.
Financial Analytics
A next generation Real Estate agency focused on pricing of exotic Real Estate assets such as "nuda propiedad".
A Web3 community of over 10,000 people gathered around to learn and develop decentralized systems.
Crypto Español
Youtube educational channel with high quality education for Crypto auciences. We try to make the Web3 revolution understandable for the widest Spanish speaking audiences.
Financial Engineering Newsletter focused on risk management applications such as tail risk manamgent, and the use of derivatives to build bespoke financial trading algorithms.